Fashion Criminal is a creative project that combines high and low cultures in creation of artistic fashion collections. Brand's inspiration is drawn from art, subcultures and music on a global ground. London is a birthplace of the brand and remains its main playground for inspiration, with most ideas rooted in one of the most multicultural metropolises of the world.

Second release is entitled «Synthesis of Happiness». The idea behind this collection is to stress on the strong presence of an infamous recreational drug and its influence on the music culture and the "new youth" generation. AC/DC font was used to show correlation between viral popularity of the drug in comparison to uber-famous rock band logo. SOH is an extended line that will evolve with the brand.

Third release is our take on the basic collection, where we mix beautiful colours and staple streetwear pieces. Our goal was to create garments that would appeal to every character, individual and sex. Moto of our basic line is "somethign simple, yet exquisite". The line will be updated on off-season basis throughout the year.

Fridaymaniac is an every week drop program that will resume until the end of 2017. Every Friday we are releasing one or a set of exclusive designs via our website. On Tuesday people can vote for the design/s that they want to shop on Friday. All releases are very limited and unreleased again. 

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